the agenda – Unleashed

Studio Shooters Unleashed 2017
AGENDA (Tentative)

Friday July 14th

2pm start time (to allow for incoming morning flight arrivals)

2-4 Welcome and Studio Tour!

Then orientation and equipment discussions. We’ll survey the group and find out exactly what everyone’s priorities are and what they want to learn.  We discuss the different lighting systems and lens choices, talk about camera settings and metering the flash.

4-6 Photographing model #1.  Focusing on body language and managing the dog’s energy

6:30 Optional group dinner

Saturday July 15th: Studio Strobes and other flash

9-12  High key lighting. Model #2 Keeping the whites, white. Eliminating shadows and light “overspray”

12-1 Catered lunch with discussion

1-3  Mid key lighting. Model #3 Playing with different light modifiers for different effects.

3-6  Low key lighting for drama. Model #4  Bringing out the texture in fur and profiles and silhouettes.  Black dog on black, coaxing detail from the shadows, darker backgrounds

6:30 Optional Group dinner

Sunday July 16th: Continuous Light

9-12 Exploring light that doesn’t flash. Model #5  Continuous lights, video lights, mixing light.

12-2 Workflow! Using our RAW files. Editing in Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop and getting a good print.

After 2  Q&A and review. Open discussions about working with animal rescue, using photography for fundraising, etc.

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