Using Photoshop Actions in Pet Photography


Using Photoshop actions is an essential element for the post processing of my dog images.  The less time I spend in front of the monitor, the more profit I make.  Using actions simplifies and speeds up image post processing.  Some of the actions I use are ones that have I created, but there are many action sets that I use regularly and highly recommend, like those listed here.

All of the actions recommended here are used in batch processing or can be used individually.  I try to batch process to save time.  Some images need individual attention if I didn’t get it right in camera or if the client desires color modifications (B&W, sepia, color pops) or just to add an artistic touch.

Actions that are created using layers give you the flexibility to adjust the layers to get the exact look you want to achieve.   Not all action sets are geared for your style or type of photography. For example, there are many actions sets that are designed with an edgy urban look, and they look great on senior photography, however not on dogs.  They can add too much contrast, losing the detail in the dogs’ fur in the highlight and shadow areas.  Try some of the actions listed here and don’t be afraid to experiment!  Include one or two options in every session you shoot – just to gauge your client’s reactions, and don’t forget to add on the extra fee for your time.   Your client doesn’t know it was a “one or two click” process. Charge a little more for your artistic eye!

Digital Expressions, Photoshop Solutions by Jeffrey McIntyre

Totally Rad

Kubota Image Tools

MCP Actions

Craig’s Actions

Itty Bitty Actions

Nichole V flourish actions


blog7610 copyKubota’s Artistic Vol II – midbright,   MCP – Light Fog Fixer, Craigs Actions/CMA Production Set I-Unsharp Mask Light  & Totally Rad Yin Yang for vignette

blog7610bwTotally Rad – Bitchin BW

blog7610sepiaTotally Rad – Boring Sepia & Cinnamon Toast