Last Call for Imaging USA

If you hurry, you can still get a flight for the biggest photography convention in the world and a seat for our one day version of Unleashed, called SIT STAY LEARN. We’ll be teaching from 9-5 on Saturday, January 15th at Imaging USA  in San Antonio, TX.

If you haven’t attend IUSA in the past, it is an AMAZING convention. Literally 13,000 photographers in one place with 3 days of drop-in mini workshops and speakers. Almost every vendor you can think of will be there – so you can stroll through the trade show and see samples of all the new products, meet famous photographers, even touch and play with the latest equipment. I started attending over 6 years ago when I was a part time photographer and it has been a huge help to me over the years.

So even if you don’t attend our pre-convention class — don’t miss Imaging USA!

Get Unleashed at Imaging USA!

We’re going to be teaching a full day of Pre-conference classes at Imaging USA in January!  We’re on the schedule for January 15th, from 9-5 –so arrive a day early and join us at SIT! STAY! LEARN!

Bev Hollis, Teresa Berg, Barbara Breitsameter

It’s mentioned officially in the July issue of Professional Photographer — and registration opens very soon. Since it’s a one day class it’s an encapsulated version of Unleashed – no shooting and no “Don’s Day of Sales’ but if you’re planning to attend Imaging USA in San Antonio and you want to get introduced to what we have to offer at a much reduced price, this might just be the perfect thing. We’ll each be covering our lighting, our marketing, and of course, going into how we do what we do.  But sign up early — last year there were 10,000 photographers at Imaging!