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  1. Hi Vicky
    The webinars for animal rescue photographers are held monthly. We have plans to do a one day workshop in Dallas at some point, but for now, nothing is scheduled. The Unleashed Workshop is being held in Dallas (Plano) over 3 days starting June 2nd. It’s designed for new photographers with DSLRs or experienced photographers interested in adding pets to their existing business.
    Hope that helps clarify!

  2. Will you be having anything on the east coast?

    I’d be interested in attending, Dallas is kind of a trip for me.
    Thanks so much!
    Lee Michel

    1. Sorry, Dallas is our home base and we can offer the workshop at a much lower cost by teaching it in Dallas. We have no plans to teach on the east coast.
      American Airlines has some great deals (since we’re their corporate headquarters) and the hotel costs here are super reasonable.
      Hope you can join us!

  3. Hopefully in 2013 you’ll have one and I’ll make the trip, I lived in Houston, I’m very Texas friendly!
    Looking forward to seeing a 2013 schedule.

  4. Hi, I found your workshop on FB via a local photographer. I was wondering how you get your dog models & if I could volunteer my Old English Mastiff? He’s a great mannered dog, who loves people, kids & the camera. I’m a nurse who’s working part-time & I’m trying to get him more socialized so we can start on his Therapy Dog certificate to take him to nursing homes & hospitals. He’s fully vaccinated, neutered & just plain awesome (I’m a tad bit biased!).
    Thanks for your time!
    Missy Hadinger

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