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SORRY! The DOG SHOTS book is SOLD OUT.  But we still offer a DOG SHOTS workshop in Dallas — a one day shooting workshop for beginners learning to use the manual settings on their cameras and wanting to explore natural light posing and composition.

The next DOG SHOTS workshop is scheduled for Saturday, March 12th. Contact for more information.

16 thoughts on “DOG SHOTS

    1. We’ll be posting photos of the actual book (including some of the pages) as soon as the first finished copy arrives! We’re expecting our first shipment by January 13th!

  1. I received my Dog Shots book yesterday in the mail. It’s beautiful and wonderful, two thumbs up gals. Great quality, awesome images and even better photo tips! Well worth the price and a great way for new and part timer canine photographers like myself to never forget the basics and always strive for the best. This book got my butterflies uh fluttering.


  2. There was a question about being able to take a peek at a few of the pages. Is that possible, and if so, where do I do that?

    1. Sue, just follow the links that Chris provided…. I couldn’t have done better myself.
      Thanks, Chris!

      Our photos may not give you an accurate respresentation of the size, however. It’s a heavy card stock book, half the size of a piece of computer paper. Unlike some shooting guides that are ‘bookmark’ size. It’s 66 pages. HTH

  3. Any change you would provide a digital book to? Teaming up with a local the Animal Rescue Foundation of Louisiana (Arf LA) to help to find the furry ones loving home as soon as possible.

    1. still working on the possibility of an ebook… but not available yet. We really like the fact that the book is designed to be carried around in your camera bag….

  4. I just found this page via a circuitous internet route, and am sorry to have missed the workshops! The book is interesting, though. Will there be an ebook version at some point?

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