What’s the mix? | Pet photography workshop

We frequently get asked about the course content for Unleashed… and after doing this for three years, we think we’ve found the perfect balance.  We’re doing 1/3 business and marketing, 1/3 indoor shooting (both natural light, location and studio light) and 1/3 outdoor shooting.  We’ve also lifted the restrictions formerly in place for photographers in our home zip codes.  So now if you live in Dallas, or Virginia, or Washington DC, you can join the fun!

September is the perfect time to shoot outdoors in Dallas and we’ve got some great locations  and a wide variety of dog models lined up. But beware: Pet photography is a highly addictive activity. Email us via the contact page of this website and we’ll give you all the details!

unleashed pet photography
photo by Unleashed student Michelle Gonzalez, June 2012

7 thoughts on “What’s the mix? | Pet photography workshop

    1. We love the photo, too! It was taken by one of our attendees, Michelle Gonzalez at the Unleashed workshop in June.

    1. Yes! September 29-October 1… in Dallas. You’ll find the cost, the hotel and the topics (and agenda) on this website. Just click on the pages at the top for more information.
      Hope you can join us!

    1. Hi Kathy
      Thanks for downloading the Focus on Rescue class video! I hope you enjoy it.
      It would be impossible to put all three days of Unleashed on video. We have considered it, but since Unleashed is mostly “hands on” a video wouldn’t be nearly as effective. We like to work side by side with our attendees with live dog models, etc.
      Maybe you’ll be able to attend Unleashed in the future? We may be offering it again in the spring….

      Thanks for your comment!

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