Unleashed Workshop Dallas 2012

pet photography workshop

Wow! What a great group we had — and I’m still marveling at the amazing shots they are sharing online. I’m starting a page just for some of the student images, so everyone can see how great they are.  It was a terrific few days with all of our new photographer friends.  These comments came in from one of the attendees:

“I have taken countless online and in person seminars, and have to say that yours has by far been the best. 

What made your program so different, was your complete willingness to share and how you let  your incredible talents speak for themselves.  You were never condescending or intimidating (Ok Bev’s arm muscles are intimidating).  You provided gentle reminders about settings and opened my eyes to a whole different perspective on photography.  I answered the question “Why was I here?”  with “to learn what I don’t know.”  I came away so inspired.  And your humor was the icing on the cake!” 

This Unleashed was so good, in fact, that we are planning another workshop. We weren’t certain that the new format was going to be all that we hoped, but it exceeded our expectations — so stay tuned for details of the next Unleashed!

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