Okay, Okay, Unleashed is back!

Thanks to all of your kind and gentle urgings, we’re setting the wheels in motion for a new Unleashed Workshop!  A few changes and lots of energy are going in to the plans for our next pet photography adventure. Early summer 2012 is looking pretty good, but please stay tuned to this blog for all the latest information!

pet photography workshop

6 thoughts on “Okay, Okay, Unleashed is back!

    1. Hi Jayne
      We’re scheduled for June 2-4 in Dallas. Details will be posted on the blog over the next week….


  1. I read about you and your generosity in people magazine. i would love to find out if and when your next workshop will be. I have been lobbying for animal rights (especially those of dogs!) all of my life and have volunteered in shelters in many capacities. I have noticed over time that many wonderful dogs are not getting adopted because they are simply not seen. I worked an “adopt a dog” event and could not believe the line of people “fighting” to adopt the dogs simply because they were conveniently in front of them at this event. i have often thought about photography as a wonderful medium to help bring these beautiful furry faces to the attention of more people. I am a novice, i enjoy photographing my children but that’s about the extent of my training. i would be very interested in learning about your next workshop, both from an artistic perspective and of course, meeting like minded, kind people who share this passion. Of course, i am happy to pay any expenses involved.
    looking forward to meeting in the near future!
    for all the animals who are used, abused and neglected,
    robin goodman

    1. Robin,
      The next Unleashed is schedule for June 2-4 in the Dallas suburb of Plano, TX. We’ll be posting all the details for you in the next few days. I have monthly webinars for rescue volunteers who want to improve their photography (www.focusonrescue.com) but Unleashed is for photographers with DSLRs. There may not be a lot of discussion about animal rescue photography.

  2. I just missed the last Unleashed Workshop, and would love to be part of the next one! This is so great!!! Please let me know when you have more info… 🙂

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