DOG SHOTS goes into a second printing! | Dog photography book

Even though our Unleashed Workshops have come to an end, our creative guide DOG SHOTS lives on! In fact, DOG SHOTS has just gone in to it’s second printing.  So if you’re interested in this hefty 66 page shooting guide for photographers, which just happens to be the perfect size to ride along in your camera bag, click on the tab above and order yourself one!

4 thoughts on “DOG SHOTS goes into a second printing! | Dog photography book

  1. Irene
    The Dog Shots book is $85 and shipping to Malaysia would be $10. You can call the studio with a credit card to order one! 972-250-2415

  2. I’d love to get this book, as pet photography is my passion! I’m hoping to use my photography skills to help out a few local adoption agencies 🙂 How can I order this?

    1. Hi Annette
      You can order DOG SHOTS by clicking the BUY DOG SHOTS tab in the menu bar on the Unleashed blog. It’s hiding in plain sight 🙂

      We have just ordered a third printing, so it will be a week or so before they arrive and can be shipped. If you’re primarily interested in photographing rescue dogs, you might want to visit the other blog: and sign up for one of our webinars!

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