Imaging was a blast… now it’s back to business!

Feeling like a caped crusader that swept into San Antonio with my constant cry of “you’re a professional, raise your prices” I am now settling in and re-visiting my creative goals for 2011.

Of course, I’m marketing. Of course, I’m looking at new prices and products. Of course, I’m looking for new ways to tweak my workflow. But alongside these very important threads that continue to run through my brain I’m weaving something different in to the mix. A few goals for my creative side.

I saw a lot of Texas (mostly interstate highway) on my drive back to Dallas and made some interesting and inspiring detours. Texas is really good for that. You just never know what you’re going to find 15 minutes from the highway! So I’m encouraging dog photographers everywhere to up their game and really stretch creatively. Our numbers are growing and our clients will soon have many more options and higher expectations when they begin to look for a pet portrait. Let’s WOW them.

One thought on “Imaging was a blast… now it’s back to business!

  1. Thanks for the “Sit, Stay and Learn” on Saturday, it was informative and practical, now if I could only get that url again :))))))))

    btw, I also was stopping along the way albeit mine was on the way down…..had to see Waco….

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