We’re wagging our tails, here….

We’re wagging our tails at some of the comments from the recent Unleashed attendees survey…. see for yourself:

“I can’t believe how great this workshop was! I was really looking forward to it but WOW you guys blew me away!”

“The topics covered were a good mix of both the business side and the photography side. The timing for the topics was just right. We didn’t spend too much time on just one topic and the information presented covered the key points needed to know.”

“You covered all the bases I was expecting. It was a nice mix of talks, outdoor shooting, indoor shooting, and sales. Portfolio Day was incredible!”

“The workshop was much more than I had hoped for. Totally worth every dollar paid. I wish that I had stayed for the portfolio day so that I could have had additional time to practice techniques learned.”

“I don’t believe there was one question that any student asked that any of you couldn’t answer. So yes you were all extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I also thought it was nice when we had breafast in the morning so can have some informal educational chats.”

“It was perfect. I liked the long days. I was happy to learn and learn and learn! I liked the way everything was well organized. Good job, it must have been A LOT of work for you!!!”

“I appreciated that the workshop was limited in the number of participants. It allowed us to get to know each other … students and instructors. It also gave us the opportunity to ask specific questions in our breakouts and have good discussions. Even when we we were all together as a group, the group was small enough to ask specific questions, and we all knew each other well enough that we were comfortable doing so.

Thanks for amazing experience. You guys set the bar very high for future workshops!”

“I absolutely loved this workshop, and I don’t have anything I would have changed! I want to do it again already! I met great people, and I learned so much valuable information. Thank you so much. It’s the best workshop I’ve been to!”

100% of the attendees surveyed said that our workshop either “exceeded their expectations” or was “more than I expected” so in our book — that’s a good report card!

What about the future? We have tenative plans to repeat Unleashed in the early summer of 2011 in Virginia. If we can firm this up, it will likely be our LAST UNLEASHED WORKSHOP.  As much as we love teaching, we all have businesses to run!  The farm, the barn studio, the rolling hills and horse farms —it’s just all too beautiful to not go back one last time.

Want to join us? Email us via the contact page of this blog and we’ll put you on our announcement list. You’ll be the first to know when we’ve got a date locked in.

And for those of you UNLEASHED GRADUATES, stay tuned for the next adventure. Portfolio shooting in Napa, anyone???

5 thoughts on “We’re wagging our tails, here….

  1. Wouldnt miss an alumni gathering. What an awesome place that would be to go…….You girls are the best. And Then there are your amazing students…Put them together and OH MY!!!

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