Products and Pricing | Fine Art Pet Photography

One of the most complicated and most critical aspects of what we do as photographers is designing our product line and our pricing structure. If you’re new to the pet market –what do you offer? Will dog and cat families buy high end wall portraits? Absolutely!

 teresa berg unleashed pet photography workshop
At Unleashed, we will fully discuss our products and how we structure our pricing. No information is off limits. We talk about what things cost, how much to sell them for and how to sell them. How valuable is this to someone just starting a pet photography line? Think about it. If you decide to learn to shoot using the old “trial and error” method you’ll work harder but eventually you’ll make a portrait. Use the same method for chosing products and pricing them and you’re literally throwing money into the wind, guessing where it’s going to land.

Where will you display your work? If you’re at a  local art show, or pet expo — what will hang in your booth? What will make them remember you? What messages are you sending with what you show? What is going to be so compelling that they will want to book a session with you?

Don’t guess and don’t play roulette with your checkbook. Trial and Error can be a very expensive way to learn this business.We can help.

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