An amazing group of photographers converged on us in Dallas this past week. We had one breakthrough after another, and the images we’re seeing from our attendees are really terrific. One of the great benefits to any workshop like this is the ability to shoot side by side with people who share your passion and hear what’s working for them in their part of the world. We had photographers from Vancouver, Georgia, New Jersey, Arkansas, Washington, Massachusetts, Oregon, California, New York, and even one from Texas!

To help facilitate the communication and sharing of ideas and passions we always set up a private Facebook group so people can arrange to share cars, hotel rooms etc. but the biggest bonus is the sharing that goes on AFTER the workshop. I have been watching a wonderful flood of images and helpful links hit the Unleashed Dallas Facebook page — and now we all have peers across the country that we can reach out to. Social media is constantly being evaluated these days, but there’s no doubt that it’s relevant (and valuable) for photographers.

Thanks to all of our participants for an amazing workshop — and for those of you waiting for registration to open for the east coast version – check back May 1st.

4 thoughts on “BOWWOWWOW!

  1. You guys were so knowledgeable, patient and willing to share your information that I am truly overwhelmed! Thanks so much for a great workshop and I look forward to seeing how all of the participants grow in their craft after your workshop.

  2. Don’t forget about the one from Colorado.. LOL!!!

    This was the best experience that I have ever had in the way of a workshop – in any subject. I’m still going through my notes and the instructional CDs and picking up on a new twist every time I go through it. Like Steve, I’m looking forward to watching the growth as a result of this workshop. Thank you, Bev – it was AWESOME!!!!

  3. What an amazing workshop! Everything was so well organized, that the learning environment was a pure pleasure. You created an amazing atmosphere for sharing and communicating with the facilitators as well as the photographers attending…..and the really awesome thing is that it is all still continuing! I truly feel that I have made connections that will remain for years to come. It was wonderful getting three different perspectives from three different and very talented photographers. The marketing session with Don was outstanding as well….now if someone can just figure out how to clone him…..!
    Thanks again and I hope to see you all again at an alumni/advanced level workshop….hint! hint!

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