Our elevator speech…

From time to time we get asked to summarize what “Unleashed” is really all about and so here’s the official elevator speech. You know, the answer you give if you get asked in an elevator and you’ve only got about 90 seconds to answer?

Unleashed | fine art pet photography workshops is a deep dive into the art of pet photography. Three photographers from three different metropolitan areas, bringing three different perspectives together in one place. Their distinct vision, technique, and business experience is translated into an intense and informal three day learning retreat. Each of the Unleashed workshops is held at one of the instructor’s photography studios (with some outdoor shooting at nearby locations) so that attendees can learn in the actual environments.

While the styles and approaches of each of the instructors may vary, and even contradict ā€“ the primary mission is the same ā€“ to raise awareness for dog photography as art, and to make it profitable.

So what’s your elevator speech? If you run in to someone at the grocery store or the bank what do you say? Can you summarize your style, your strengths and your business model in 90 seconds? That’s really all the time you have to capture someone’s attention. Most of us have trouble describing what we do after the “I’m a photographer” part gets blurted out, but think about it — you have a great opportunity to capture someone’s interest and grow your business.

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