why dog photography? statistics on pet ownership and spending


I read this article online a couple of years ago and saw the handwriting on the wall. Prior to reading this, I just assumed that dog photography was for the people who wanted to set up a camera and a backdrop at PetSmart and do the “5 minute for $5” kind of pet portrait. That didn’t appeal to me in the least! But 63% of American families have at least one pet – now that’s alot of dogs! Alot of these people love art, and quality and creativity and want beautiful portraits. 

And for those of us that really love dogs, what could be better than inviting them into our studios and working with them every day?  It’s not the easiest way to make a living, but wow! is it fun!   


dog portrait - Mae- the beagle

Pets in America have

$40 billion spent on them

by doting owners

Nancy Davis Kho, Special to The Chronicle

Wednesday, October 10, 2007



How Americans treat pets has changed dramatically over the past decade or so. No longer do we relegate dogs and cats to life in the backyard eating table scraps. Sixty-three percent of cat owners and 42 percent of dog owners share their beds with their pets.


Pets are the focus of a huge commercial industry that tries to meet not only the basic needs of animals but the need of pet owners – or, as they say in San Francisco, pet guardians – to reward their pets in ways meaningful in human terms.

The American Pet Product Manufacturers Association recently released its 2007-08 National Pet Owners Survey, finding that expenditures on pets in this country will top an estimated $40 billion in 2007. This is almost double the $23 billion spent a decade ago. Sixty-three percent of American homes include a pet, the highest level since the association began tracking statistics in 1988. Not surprisingly, cats and dogs are the most popular pet choices.

Bob Vetere, president of the association, said the increase in spending started in the mid-’90s and has continued. “Certainly post 9/11, the world is a scarier place for some people. People are looking for comfort, and that’s something that a pet provides,” Vetere said.

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