the agenda

fine art dog

For those of you who have asked – here’s the partial agenda. We reserve the right to make adjustments based on the skill level and interests of the participants. You will receive a questionnaire when you register.

  • Handling dogs (and their owners!)
  • Dog safety in the studio and on-location
  • Lighting dogs in the studio – high and mid key
  • Natural light and off-camera lighting for dog sessions on-location
  • Photographing dogs with their families
  • Working with multiple dogs
  • Getting those cool action shots
  • Marketing your dog images
  • Dog portrait events and charity events
  • Partnerships with non-profits and other dog-related businesses
  • Pricing strategy – what sells and what to charge
  • Pre-consult and sales appointments
  • The business: contracts, policies and workflow
  • Post processing of your images

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